quick sketch of cats

quick sketch of cats

Drawn by babysnoops14 and inspired by One word: Animals.


hey guys, I'm baaack! it just that everything got on top of me atm and finally got a chance to do this with a drink of coffee. hope you all like this.

© 2018 babysnoops14. Licensed under CC-BY.

White Mammal Black and white Vertebrate Joint Hand Product Arm

You've come a long way, I'm proud of you! —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
@Agent-Bunny-Boy thanks you, I was practicing. I had this idea while I was watching YouTube and doodle it on paper. Plus I did this in college while the teacher wasn't looking 😂 —  babysnoops14
"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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