Sketchport Comix Season 2: Episode 22 The Liar

Sketchport Comix Season 2: Episode 22 The Liar

Drawn by Papachan. Part of the album Sketchport Comix Season 2.


No me :(
xLitchi and Mouldy Sponge are chatting, but Liar comes up!

© 2014 Papachan. Licensed under CC-BY.

Sketchport Comix Season 2 xLitchi Mouldy Sponge Liar Sword

hahahaha "aah, we hate you" thank you papachan! —  Liar
aww @Liar we don't ♥ xD —  xLitchi
Papachan is turning us against each other! Don't give him what he wants! Put your pocket knife away @Liar —  Mouldy Sponge
@Mouldy Sponge Nice try Mouldy. I will keep my pocket knife AND my laserupside-down cross sword handy until I know what is going on here! —  Liar
make next episode already ive been waiting for a long time! —  Brotato
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