umm is it a chibi?

umm is it a chibi?

Drawn by Graandpa -SemiHia... for the Draw a chibi challenge. Part of the album Challenges.


i guess it's a chibi, coloring sucks, tbh. :(

© 2014 Graandpa -SemiHia.... Licensed under CC-BY.


Have you tried the layers tool? It makes separate layers so your black lines would not be affected by the blur and colors on the skin, etc. Cute drawing though. :) —  Luna Sea
Tried the layers tool, very confusing. ^^" —  Graandpa -SemiHia...
Very cute!! The controls here are kind of difficult to get used to ( i still suck at coloring here lmao ) I'm sure your coloring will improve in no time! —  Kurotsuchi Mayuri
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