Idea #2 : Dream Horse from Wonderland by Dima T.

Idea #2 : Dream Horse from Wonderland by Dima T.

Drawn by Vomika.


My draw #158 on Sketchport (i missed 13 not serious draws in counting draws)


Postive Energy of colorful and light way (its also Green Peace way) beating Dark energy and saving material of worlds and universes from change on nothing. Yes its Dream, but anyway.


Poem ''Pegasus'' by Eleanor Farjeon


And only the poet

With wings to his brain

Can mount him and ride him

Without any rein,

The stallion of heaven,

The steed of the skies,

The horse of the singer

Who sings as he flies.



Also i liked this famous qoute :

''Подкова приносит счастье. Если, конечно, ты не лошадь.'' (Сильвия Чиз)

© 2014 Vomika. Public domain under CC0.
This is really cool. —  Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
@Shelly ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Thank you Shelly : ) —  Vomika
very nice draw Vomika, the horse and the background details! —  Ichiban Yada
@Ichiban Yada Thank You Ichiban Yada : ) —  Vomika
still, you draw horses 100 times better than me :D very nice —  Ana
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