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Aw Thanks a lot ! I really love your style and your drawings too ! You're really talented ! —  xLitchi
its a comission~gaia is an online game site gaiaonline.com —  Lamote
Voivodian long time not heard you , hope everything fine with you , have nice weekends my friend : ) —  Vomika
Hope you are fine and not tired , have good rest here ! —  Vomika
@Voivodian Hiiiiiiiii , i wish to You have nice evening Voivodian ! And not tired and good rest at night ! i sad about you : ( —  Vomika
Voivodian good luck to you in life, art and whatever you do! :) —  Luna Sea
i slowly built it up around 2 weeks —  Lamote
Hiii Voivodian did you got my private messages which i sended to you before ? —  Vomika
Thank you ! from upvotes , i miss you my friend : ) I wish to you in Australia have nice day and calm evening and more free time for themself and drawing here —  Vomika
>///< wow thankyou! —  Lamote
Thank YOU!!!!!! A U S T A L I A ===its=== V O I V O D I A N !!!!!!! —  Vomika
your nick name also starts on V , i wish to you have a nice day and calm evening that everything what you will draw or do you could edit/did to end and successfully !! i very miss from you my FRIEND : ( if you will smiles right now from read that i will smiles too ^___________^ —  Vomika
@Voivodian Good Luck to You !!!!!! forgot wrote it, that all black gone away and in soul and in ur mood still only light and happiness ! i wish you it from heart coz i very miss from you :( Well not will more distrub , have fun there and have enough rest from yours all problems and your work ! —  Vomika
Thank youu for not prejudicing :D and for ur likes ;) —  ~moneywithptc~
@Voivodian Greeeeeeeeen Aavatar, hiiii Voivodian Have a Great day and that other urs all days will be same ! :D —  Vomika
Already 1990 reputation + 1 from me and already 1991 its year of your and mine birthday :D —  Vomika
Holy fck. you listen to some weird ass music. I like it. Yes is really growing on me. —  Voivodian
Don't forget to check mine profile! Thx u. And check my youtube. Www.youtube.com/babysnoops14 —  babysnoops14
Comeback draw more! —  LittleFawn
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