M 48 Patton

M 48 Patton

Drawn by Voivodian. Part of the album Military stuff.


My first picture. No formal training or anything, just love drawing/sketching. Colours? Shading? too much for me. I try my best regardless.

© 2014 Voivodian. Licensed under CC-BY.

Vietnam Tank War Patton M48 Army USA Gun

yes colors not general —  Vomika
coool draw i keep back and look : ) —  Vomika
i very like this tank too —  Vomika
I plan to expand on this picture, make it a huge picture called the Tet counteroffensive. Huey gunships, tank riding infantry, a M113 APC and a city on fire. —  Voivodian
I dont want to boast but this tank is still my best sketched on this website. All the proportions except for the cannon are perfect. It would be a shame to not at least colour it in. —  Voivodian
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