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UK based physicist, using stylus-on-screen technology (Wacom Penabled/Feel-IT or N-Trig, depending on device) for drawing fun in downtime. Used to be part of the community over on OMGPOP's Draw my Thing, now mostly on Drawception, but may have an occasional play around here too, if my wife and I feel like it.

lol my dear is a masochist:P im a sadist then:)) —  Aya Mulder
haha, Just the badges you get from up and down voting your own pictures —  Joe HF
:* —  Aya Mulder
Thank you, Joe! Let me know if you need anything. —  magicalhobo
Thank you for the like/vote! —  StormyNight
Thanks!! —  flora-remora
Thank you for the vote~ I really appreciate it~ —  AvrilAngel
Thank you for the vote up! :D —  Lilyfield
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hi, sexy :* —  Aya Mulder
Comeback and draw more!! —  LittleFawn
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