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??????????? —  Mew
@MaxEry .... —  ~moneywithptc~
what???? —  Mew
@MaxEry ???? —  ~moneywithptc~
bye be Happy —  Mew
@MaxEry you be happy too —  ~moneywithptc~
Let her be Happy ALL be HAPPY . BYE FOREVER i WANT ALL PEOPLE Dreams to be TRUE. IT will - Rip Max —  Mew
Thnx for all the votes Money. —  Gibbermagash
did you got any chance to see ery here ? —  Mew
Thank you my Friend .Wish she come back . its so hard to Live without her . wish I would Die sooner. —  Mew
yeah bake me a visual cake!!!!! :3 —  Riff
I miss her . she need to be more Happy . —  Mew
i tried to reach her . text her friends she;s avoiding me .I cannot force , i respect her feeling she need to be more happier . —  Mew
she's working at Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Hafsa Sultan Hastanesi. she might be happy . i Need to see her soon —  Mew
well I neither do have her Number .she left me alone . —  Mew
I been reaching out her friend's . Am hating myself ,do i really hurting her . —  Mew
I just trust my Heart . she still love's me . hope she do read my post for her. —  Mew
Did you saw ery here its been 2year am still waiting she will come back one day . —  bdaymax Kitty
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"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
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