Chinese Battlemaster Tank

Chinese Battlemaster Tank

Drawn by Voivodian. Part of the album Military stuff.


CnC Generals

© 2014 Voivodian. Licensed under CC-BY.

Tank Battlemaster China Generals Command Conquer

I Cant stop look on it so nice : ) —  Vomika
Its a cute tank from a video game. That being said... I just realised the tank in the game had 5 roadwheels like a T55/Type59. In fact, the tank in the game is probably supposed to be a type59. —  Voivodian
@Voivodian yes but anyway nice i hope it not made u very sad u drew very nice picture of cool tank, in art possible anything so its ur unique tank : ) —  Vomika
haha Thanks! No sweat about that little mistake. It looks more cute this way. And I hope I can find a distinctive style to call my own and cherish. ; ) —  Voivodian
very nice details! —  Liar
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