Jini (pronounced like genie i.e. /ˈni/), also called Apache River, is a network architecture for the construction of distributed systems in the form of modular co-operating services.

Originally developed by Sun, Jini was released under an open source license (Apache license). Responsibility for Jini has been transferred to Apache under the project name "River".


Sketchport Comix Litchi Mouldy Sponge Jini Dream

Mouldy Sponge and Jini at least, joined in this episode! This is my last Sketchport Comix Season...

Zakeena Aya Mulder Jini Riff Agent Bunny Boy xLitchi Mouldy Sponge Lazarus

These are the 9 first creative people/animals, I made! Today, is Aya's birthday!, so I made her...

Jini Hot Men Raining Army

here's for you, Jini. a hot load of hunky nurses. too many men. lolz

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