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Lunar! Happy birthday to you! I wish the best for you, as always ;D —  Crevasse
Hey Lunar, I finally got an SSL cert for the chat server. I think you're the only one who uses it, so let me know if your browser things SP is safer now. —  magicalhobo Made me think of you xD ♥♥ —  xLitchi
ah, ur welcome :) —  -
You reached 10k reputations!, Congratulations :) —  Papachan
Thank you Lunar! I'm glad you like the update. :D —  magicalhobo
—  xLitchi
:* ! Miss youu —  xLitchi
Thanks for the comment, I'm trying to get better at capturing and portraying faces. (: —  Game.Aquarius
I just found your profile! it's xOneFourThree :-) —  valereecat
Thanks for your nice comments —  Effé
Miss you, Lunar! ~Scairry —  KalosQueen
If it's your birthday, Happy Birthday! XD :3 ^^ —  Jakub
<3 —  xLitchi
You're welcome!! Your artworks are beautiful and creative! :) —  Nikko
Thank you for the likes nwn <3 —  idk
oops i deleted your comment by mistake. you see the glasses red, i see them dark pink. i was in a hurry to post my rant on my blog so the color is not exactly what it should have been (actually his glasses are light pink). let's say i was blinded by the anger. —  Riff
Heyyy I see u <3 hey there —  ~moneywithptc~
Love the Art! ~ —  ☾🍍Lυиα'и'Tσм🍍☽
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