An ornament is something used for decoration.

Ornament may also refer to:

  • Ornament (art), a purely decorative element in architecture and the decorative arts
  • Christmas ornament, a decoration used to festoon a Christmas tree
  • Hood ornament, a decoration on the hood of an automobile
  • Garden ornament, a decoration in a garden, landscape, or park
  • Lawn ornament, a decoration in a grassy area
  • Peak ornament, a decoration under the peak of the eaves of a gabled building
  • Ornamental plant, a decorative plant
  • Ornament (music), a flourish that serves to decorate music
  • Biological ornament, a biological structure that appears to serve only a decorative purpose
  • Bronze and brass ornamental work
  • Ornaments Rubric, a prayer of the Church of England
  • Ornament (football), the football team from Hong Kong

For ornamentation of the human body see:

  • Human physical appearance
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Body modification
  • Tattoo

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