Junk may refer to:

  • Junk, melon of the sperm whale
  • Scrap, recyclable waste used to build and maintain things
  • Junk: Record of the Last Hero, shōnen manga series by Kia Asamiya
  • Junk, salt-cured meat
  • Junk (ship), type of Chinese sailing vessel
  • Junk status, debt credit rating
  • Junk (Transformers), fictional planet in the Transformers universe
  • Junk in the trunk, slang term for a person with a large buttocks
  • J-U-N-K (1920), American film produced by Morris R. Schlank
  • Junk (film), Japanese Yakuza zombie film directed by Atsushi Muroga
  • Junk (novel), by Melvin Burgess
  • Junk, novel by Christopher Largen


Junk Abstract

ok now everyone i want to see your imagination for the piece of junk .... be creative and write the ...

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i...needed...a...break...math...is...awful! xD No judge da purple scribble cF

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