Marker may refer to:

  • Marker pen, a felt-tipped pen used for drawing and/or coloring
  • Marker (linguistics), a morpheme that indicates some grammatical function
  • Marker (telecommunications), a special-purpose computer
  • Marker, a set of sewing patterns placed over cloth to be cut
  • Marker or Clapperboard, equipment used during filming
  • Paintball marker or paintball gun, an air gun
  • Biological marker, or biomarker, a substance used as an indicator of a biological state
  • Genetic marker, a DNA sequence with a known location associated with a particular gene or trait
  • Historical marker, a plaque erected at historically significant locations
  • Survey marker, an object placed to mark a point
  • Boundary marker, an object that identifies a land boundary

Curve tool Boy Girl Marker

Tried the magical of shift-ctrl xD.. I didn't colour it cause it supposed to be whiteboard ...

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