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enter image description heremanipulatormanipulationSoft Hearted People motherteresa heart character kindness nice Kindness By Starman, 3 years ago, before he became "bitter and grumpy" By Starman, 3 years ago drawing by azzah.1 a drawing by my dear friend Azzah

azzah.2 and another by Azzah, from about 3 years ago hobo

and one by none other, than the Magical Hobo from about 4 years ago.

😁 😂 😆 😉 😊 😋 😞 😢 —  Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
🌷 🌸 🌺 Thank you, sweet Shelly! ✨✳ —  Luna Sea
Shelly!!! what is this early christmas gift, I still expect something more at christmas eve!!! joke aside, thank you :) —  Liar
Do you want to test your knowledge?, try these two quizzes, you can cheat where in here or somewhere —  Papachan
🇭🇦🇵🇵🇾 🇳🇪🇼 🇾🇪🇦🇷 🇸🇭🇪🇱🇱🇾✌‼‼‼ ✌ —  Im IPOD 5
🐨 —  Im IPOD 5
I watched "Honey We Shrunk Ourselves" There was a daddy long leg in it , and they said not to be afraid of them, the eat mosquitos lol What are the odds though of seeing that after our spider/toothbrush discussion :D —  BEECH247
OMG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEXT 100K, Keep mind in 300000! —  Papachan
WOW! - 200k!!! - Congrats!!! —  Im IPOD 5
Made your kitten, Shelly! Check it out on my page. ^^ —  Leukocyte
Shelly what happened to your drawings? —  Papachan
Congrats! You got immunity for only 1 day! ~Be happy, be papy~ —  Papachan
Welcome to Sketchport Drawing Decathlon Day 7! Your challenge is to draw animals. Any kind of animals is acceptable, it must be serious. Best draw gets immunity, worst get eliminated! If multiple players didn't do the challenge, one gets disadvantage, while others get eliminated! START DRAWING NOW! Your color athlete is pink, when done enter the challenge and your drawing will be supported! CLICK THIS ---> —  Papachan
you lil shelly bean —  Owl/chris/$$
WOW!! Oh hellow!! —  EnderGirlgammer
How do you draw without pixelation? —  Google User
"You can't give up hope just because it is hopeless! You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears, and go: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!""
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