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HOLY DAMN! Hello my bestest friend in the whole universe! :D —  Lilyfield
Sasha its and boy and girl name in Russia and Ukraine and for girls and guys Sasha its short from Alexandra / Alexander , just saying it for knowledge. Welcome here Sasha and have fun in drawing. —  Vomika
Why thank you @Vomika —  Sasha Rotherham
@Sasha Rotherham I reckon! I miss you too! How you been? (P.S - I'll add your email address to my contacts) —  Lilyfield
@Sasha Rotherham - P.S.S would you rather talk on here or via email or don't care? I sent you an email now, so hopefully you'll get it soon. You should probably delete it off this page now, don't want randoms getting your email address now do we? (Seriously my worry levels would go through the roof if a random got your email address) —  Lilyfield
.......... i dont know how to delete it hehe @Lilyfield —  Sasha Rotherham
@Sasha Rotherham That's easy enough, just drag you mouse over the comment and at the end, where it says what time it would posted, it should have a tiny little cross, just click that and BAM the comment is gone XD —  Lilyfield
@Lilyfield HAHA!!! Im saved thank you so much xD —  Sasha Rotherham
@Sasha Rotherham What else are friends for? —  Lilyfield
Emailing me awesome birthday songs :)@Lilyfield —  Sasha Rotherham
"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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