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Doo dodo doo doda daa dada woop woop do doo woopy woop do doo-- oh sorry what?

Please post comments all over the place, I LOVE READING COMMENTS! (Tell me about your day to you're friends house and how you accidently used up all the milk and then their parents got mad at you.) —  Zweby
why cant i ever sleep everrrrrrrr ^*M*^ —  Zweby
X3 insomnia :9 ? i have that too i know i should just fall over my madress and try to sleep but im worried i will miss out all the fun :[\ so i stay upp more than I should i guess trying not to drink coffe after 8 pm would help me but oh well :3 Have a nice day Sweby and welcome to Scetchport ^_^ ohh by the way i love al of ure drawings you posted <3 —  Agneta Juodenaite
@Agneta Juodenaite I used to think I had insomnia but I'm probably just too lazy to sleep... (Whatever that means...) Lx thankyousomuchforyoursupport and don't you stop drawing! On another note, sorry for slow reply. I haven't been doing much on this site since I've gotten back into animating...andwatchingcartoons...FOR RESEARCH! But I will make an effort to unveil the prisons of inspiration that are my mind! (English translation: I'll try to find inspiration in my uncreative brain). —  Zweby
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"Cherish the certainty of now, it kills you a bit at a time."
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