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Dream Inspiration Green

Dream. Inspired by Google User's Dream

Archery Girl Death

She lifted her head to the chilly night, along with her stunning polished cherry wood bow, which...


Once there was a bug who heeded all, Pop goes the weasel. Once there was a bug who heeded all,...

Frog World Log Pond

Frog on a log in a pond in the world in space in the galaxy in the universe in infinity.

Leaf Winter Cold Nature Air Breeze Frost

Original Poem Below A lonely leaf in the breeze, flying over the frosty trees, it lands in the...

Among us Parmi nous Entre nosotras 我们之间 Challenge

EMERGENCY MEETING Red - any sus? Purple - its black Black - HUH?????? no im not! (Kill noise)...

Pusheen Ocean Rock Mermaid Topic

He looks happy on his rock. "Ah, maybe a frappuccino would do nicely," he thinks. : D

Godzilla King Kong Vote Discussion Movie

God of the ocean or king of skull island? Who would you rather be? comment below! Xtra: Did you...

Food Apple Healthy Hand

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Beautiful Phrase Poem

Believing is worshiping yourself and saying hope can never go away. Wait for your wish until it...

Beluga Cute Booga Happy

Booga looks like he's having fun on his rock.

#Blacklivesmatter #Endracism

Rain down on this dark world Drip onto the blackened ground Turn our wrongs into rights Flow...

Wolf Moon Howling

A wolf howling at the moon, watching the valley. What should I do next?

Silly Funny Cat


Cat Sad Nature

The best I could do to draw a cat in pixel : D

Sad Emotional

"She has a heart of coal, a mind of fire, sits in that hearth of hers. What a freak."

Nature Flower Beautiful

Blossoms like drops of silver Shining in the blanket of darkness Mourning to the moon

"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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