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Pizza Cute Funny Challenge Pap's No Brown Nom

No Sausage brown ! But dark yellow for the bread :D Anyway had fun doing this lol ! Sorry for...

A lot of emotions ! Drama Emotions ! I didn't use yellow ! Had this in draft for soo long !

Magenta/Pink ! :D Can't find the challenge Pap's !

It's my revenge xD <3 Please don't hate me ! Told you I have imagination haha <3

Stick Figures Couscous Alien Zakee Pee Oops Banana

So it's a story about a Litchi who invited an alien for a Couscous and tea...


Hey Guys ! I started this drawing but too hard (and Lazy) to continue it since i'm with a mouse,...

This is the colors I see on that dress ~!@##$ (Gonna delete the post lol)

SeA Sky Vat Is This ! Plop Clouds

No idea what I did ! Just wanted to try some new techniques (Uneek ''Fill'' style haha) Well I...

Corgi Dog Happy

We know you are planning to take over the world ! [drawing with le mouse] Buy me a cable please !

Creature Unknown Long Time No Drawing Plop

Give me back my cable ! I didn't miss drawing with the mouse lol.. Thanks Kuku for the Title ♥

Collab mignon

Collab with Mouldy Sponge. Ps : Sponge is a Pom :3

Doodle Random

Bleh, this gave me a headache. I'll add more stuff maybe one day.

How can you wish for Peace if your heart is filled with Hatred.

LIAR IS BACK. ''thewalkingdude: litchi is not allowed to post another version of this draw''

Plop Land Collab Crazy Zakeena La La La

Collab' with my Love @Zakeena ♥ One Layer and Only Fill Tool ! 4 Hours on it T_T

"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
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