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Requests, requests, requests.. XD


This is where I will put works of animes/video games/anything I like but not enough to draw it constantly.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect stuff.

Cross Overs

Album for cross over that I will make... sometime... in the future.

The Walking Dead

This album is dedicated to the games of The Walking Dead, not the TV series because I didn't watch all of it and when I started watching again, it was so far ahead that I didn't understand anything then my favourite character died and I was like 'Nope! ain't watching this again *storms off*'


This is my Fable folder - in this one I'll draw mostly about Fable 1 (and 'Fable The Lost Chapters' and/or Fable 2) I may do some pictures for Fable 3 but we'll see.

Dragon Age

This is my Dragon Age Gallery- uh- I mean Album- oh whatever! I'm going to call it a gallery! Anyway this is where all my Dragon Age pictures will live XD


Well, I love video games and will most likely draw a lot so I thought I'd be organised for once and separate the pictures by their respective games. This obliviously is my Skyrim album! FUS RO DAHHH! [1]:

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