because why bother anymore?

Face White Black and white Mammal Nose Vertebrate Hand Head

idk I had this sitting in the app nd I didn't want to just throw it away

Footwear White Shoe Purple Head Flower Black and white Font

you can't always blame yourself you can't always blame yourself you can't always blame yourself

Face White Facial expression Black and white Person Text Nose Font Head

i dont have time 2 do much more than scribbles rn so heres a dumb me (that isnt that accurate at all)

im gonna be moving in a few days. gonna close on thursday and start packing over the weekend...

Head Arm Figure drawing Line

been playing PD. tbh I love it even tho I always die like 4 levels in.

Taz Black and white Font

the seven birds bit was really fascinating but it makes me sad bc i already /know/ the answers....

Taz Black and white Line

my current mood is krav's ever slipping cockney accent,

Taz Black and white

She's Dead but why not come up w a design anyways. I'm thinking abt like, grungy grandma (how...


ghhh i did the lines on the wrong layer and didn't realize until it was too late lol i might fix...

"Cherish the certainty of now, it kills you a bit at a time."
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