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Do you have drawings on Sketchfu that you don't want to lose? We can bring them here, and you can continue collaborating on them and have videos made here. They will even be posted with the same resolution as other drawings on SketchPort.


  • Post a link to your Sketchfu profile and up to 20 drawings you would like converted.

After conversion:

  • I will notify you by comment or PM.
  • Drawings will show up in your drafts.
  • You may post complete drawings.
  • Finish incomplete drawings by going to Open > SketchPort Drawing on the drawing's page.
  • Update the title before posting your drawings.
  • Videos will be created once you submit with the Create animation option checked.

Oh okay! I'm not 100% sure if I'll completely finish these drawings here but I'd love to have them! Here is my Sketchfu profile and then here are drawings I'd like to keep! Thank you so much! ;v;

Lunar Eclipse:

Aw, you should spread this info on sketchfu. That site looks quite simliar to sketchport, maybe it can inspire. Having different dimensions for upvote looks interesting (yet not sure if it also limits upvotes to these dimensions), also more possibilities to browse and ability to friend people (whatever it enabled you to do).


I did, Lunar! Everyone still on Sketchfu should know about this. I'm glad you support us and we all have a nice place to call our new home! <3


ahh hobo you're very kind! i'm very glad you're doing this, considering how some drawings should be kept and admired. c:

from my profile, i guess, these only: 1 2 3 4

thank you very much!!!


Goodness, I was brought here by Hira, and I can say I'm very impressed with the site. You're too sweet for doing this

From my profile, Broken, here's my drawings: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Rebecca (Quota ^^):

Thanks for doing this! Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6


Alright, all the drawings posted so far have been converted. Here's how you go about posting them here:

  • Go to your drafts
  • Click the title of one of your drawings
  • Go to Admin > Edit
  • Add a title and description as you would normally post a drawing
  • Click submit!

Uhh.. I had a shared account so,These two drawings 1 2



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