Merci's Pikachu and Kangaskhan (WIP)

Merci's Pikachu and Kangaskhan (WIP)

Drawn by flora-remora. Part of the album Character References.


Miss V or Missy (Victoria) the Pikachu was Merci's first Pokémon. Her father caught her this Pikachu at a mansion down the route from Hearthome City. Merci named the Pikachu "Miss V" after the v-shaped nick in her tail. However, as Merci matured, she figured she would give the Pikachu a more formal name, Victoria, to go along with her original given name.


Frances the (shiny) Kangaskhan was Merci's second captured Pokémon and first Safari Zone capture (her second was a Carvanha, Carly, now a Sharpedo). Fran is infertile, and is therefore childless, which is not so typical of a Kangaskhan, a Pokémon most often seen with a child. So, when she met Miss V, she began toting her around in her pouch. Frances treats the Pikachu, consequently, like her own child. The two of them are very close. Frances also totes around Merci's daughter, Marianne, when the child is old enough.

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