Drawn by OfC using SketchPort for Android.


"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.”  ― Mother Teresa <3

© 2014 OfC. Licensed under CC-BY.

@Luna Sea Android App update! I haven't posted about it anywhere yet because I'm still waiting for the iOS version to be approved. —  magicalhobo
Cool! I have a samsung galaxy, does it work for that? I tried to download the sketchport app a few months back when I first got my phone but it had no draw option. @magicalhobo —  Luna Sea
@Luna Sea The app is blur-less :'( —  OfC
Purple Dandelion :3 <3 —  uneekL4evr
D: Blurless?? D: —  Luna Sea
"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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