Memory of DIAN FOSSEY.

Memory of DIAN FOSSEY.

Drawn by Vomika. Part of the album Nature.


Yesterday was and happy and sad day , yesterday one of the most biggests nature defenders Dian Fossey shoulded celebrate 82 years from born... that so sad that such human which had just unreal big love to nature and same power of soul already not with us. Dian You forever still in ours hearts as Real Green as Human name of which start and ending on big letter which 18 years lived in Wild Nature together with animals which became for her as familly she long time tried get allowe gorrilas accept her in their familly and she got it! From long 18 years she taught their habits and everything from their life... She noticed that they are very clever , funny , full of love and joy animals : ) She was and still famous in world as active defender of animal rights and esspecially gorrilas. For sad she was killed by poachers at night (the murder was never solved) coz she not let them easy kill gorrilas (she fought to end with them) , i very miss from you, Friend... ( )

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Nice:) How did you create the green blurry background? —  Luna Sea
@Luna Sea Thank you and i made alpha brush 75% or 60% and then made size of brush 200 coz pic very big (now flash good work so you can create big pics without scary that then flash can crash) then those alpha brush you just by some moves put on pic on white color which from start , look likes as water blurry.. —  Vomika
@Luna Sea That change alpha size of brush need use A+mouse (move to left) not forgot back it then to 100% after you finish. —  Vomika
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