another doodle

another doodle

Drawn by Yifflord. Part of the album Art for me and Friends.


small rnat- Okay guys just because someone dislikes your art doesnt mean you can storm in like you own the place and just, " OH EM GEEEEEE STAHP DISLIKING ME ART!!! WOYY! " because dislikes are used as CRITICISM, don't like it? Well for one you CAN ignore it and you don't have to say anythING?? But you can also take the criticism nicely and thank that person for it and try to get better at drawing??? There is no need to whine but heck if ya wanna go ahead it makes you look kinda immature though u_u

© 2014 Yifflord. Licensed under CC-BY.

Cat Oc Fursona

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Complaining about being disliked is also a form of criticism that you could ignore, just sayin'. :) —  Luna Sea
Criticism is not constructive, unless you give the person something to work on. Therefore, a simple dislike is nothing to thank someone for. If the person truly means it to be constructive, they will give you advice on how to improve, or at least what they dislike about it. —  Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
aa true but crying about it isnt realLy the best idea tbh it looks kinda dumb —  Yifflord
it was kinda late when I made this but tbh people should leaRn to take some criticism —  Yifflord
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