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Hi! I discovered Sketchport when I went to use Hambycomb for Omgpop after it closed it's website address. I finally signed up 10/29/2013.

**I've been on Omgpop for over 4 years, got to level 735+ with level 74 or so in Draw My Thing. I spent most of my time at Putt Putt Penguin.
I recruited 318 people to Omgpop and made many great friends on there. (no fake accounts)

I have always loved to draw since I was small. I am finding out drawing on a tablet is much different than with a pencil/paper. I am shocked at how badly I draw lol. I am learning to improve myself to draw better and to use the tools here.
Everyone's drawings are beautiful here!! Simply amazing! That inspires me.
See you around!**

Very nicely done for a first. I like it. —  Frederick Smith
Welcome! Nice bio and drawings. —  magicalhobo
Thanks for the welcome @magicalhobo and @Frederick Smith. It's fun here and the possibilities are endless! —  Flora Finn
I saw you on OMGPOP! :D —  Papachan
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