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Sonic OC

New character from my sketch book I'll also be drawing two of my Short Funny Comics. :P

Raykkus back! shes my first wolf character. in the first panel to the right shes saying "Im...


So I think I should take RQ's and Q&A's today so if you have a furry character or sonic...

I'm thinking of doing RQ's(for me to draw a character of yours) and Q&A( ask my ocs any...

Fanart Pepper The Dog Wip

Fanilly I can work on it my computer isn't fixed but my bro did this thing with his laptop and...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! DX why does it look blur!!

Not change Black glasses Green Blue Black hair

If any of you know my character Kiikii a.k.a Aria(P.S me) she use to have short long hair and...

Green hair Orange fur Sonic Long black tail Kawai

Know what should the background be i know its called "Star Galaxy" but i suck at drawing a...

Wind Pink haord Sonic Yellreen eyes Freckles Winday day

I thought why not finish it. :D still need to work on B.G's. heheh ;D

I will finish this one its going to be fun. ;D

ok what do you guys think im still working on it so.

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
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