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eh i tried. i draw more on my tumblr anyway lmfaao

Half life

i cant draw on this site anymore lmao the tools dont work

Chulip Games

this aint workin' ? lol . dont get the new setup, anyway. chulip

doodle for a friend. first time drawing him aaaa i like how he turned out!! 🌟starry boy

12 yr old me manifested inside my home and threatened to stab me with a fork if i didn't draw him

Mangaka Hand

ugh this was suppose to be a stress relief doodle but it only stressed me out more hgjhhjghj

Comic book

my oc dakota cosplaying as sailor jupiter to match his weeb bf, pallis (he breaks character ...

Mangaka Mythology

youre mcfreakin dead kiddo. 1 million cats oc, Pallis, cosplaying as sailor moon cos y not

1 million cats Comic book Mangaka

it's too late to say your sorry / pp's gonna bare witness the smack down of the century

Mangaka Comic book

@1 million cats LOOK I DID IT. also my hand locked up persistently while drawing this aaahh rip


every time he appears the "it's britney bitch" soundbyte comes on. 4/?

Comic book

the nasty wounded jerks have joined the party. 3/? meme expression

Head Organ Hand

I'm lost but I don't know why // 2/? expression meme exercise

Jjba What is coloring Mangaka

the tsundere playboy who doesnt know how fashion works


revamped my first drawing i did on here;; annd colored it haha

"There are all kinds of interesting questions that come from a knowledge of science, which only adds to the excitement and mystery and awe of a flower."
Richard Feynman
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