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furries are awesome and uh yea JOIN THE FURRY FANDOMMM


"Yar, im Foxy the pirate fox!"

meh ish howlin! awoooo qwp

fox life uwu (foxes united)

pups pups pups pups forver UWU

it was so hard to make so only say something if its not mean! ^w^ ty!

also a cartoon inspired by my fox

ish meh first cartoon [inspired by spyro the dragon from skylanders]

i made this for a challenge called draw a hybrid <3 ^w^

choose won in comments pwease and thank u ^w^

idk im new so dont judge


this is how you draw anime and don't draw anime

im new so plz dont judge if its bad... also foxes tails are called brushes! did you know that?

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
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