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Wind wave

Hand holding water bottle... Not much else XD

Red Girl Windy Hair Facial expression Hairstyle Emotion Mouth Document

My art style is so hard to go away from. u_u its either anime or just cartoon xD

No matter how cold hearted a person may seem, always remember that they do have feelings. For...

I'm addicted to this game xD. Its fun amd can make one rage quit very quickly. :P

Anime Chibi

Random guy betting $20 that no one will care about that fire. People don't care as much anymore.

That moment your bored and you your desk and see your sunglasses...

Birds Bird Flamingo

A flamingo thats as red as blood and rare as a fictional beast. I wish i could see one look like...

Anime Chibi

People say that i am a serious, mean, quiet and boring person. My friends say i am a goofy, fun...

Its not easy to shade the water u.u wish it was xD

Last time i ever saw him. (Half asleep drawing this is not the best time x.x feels and looks rushed)

Kitten Hugs Sad

A true story: There once was a stray kitten who we started to give tuna and cat food to. He...

Bored and got nothing better to draw xD


A feather that i did not intend to draw. ... nor that heart xD because i did not know what i was...

Shoes Heels

Fun facs, men were the first people to wear heels, heels cause back problems ingrown toenails,...

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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