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Wind wave

Hand holding water bottle... Not much else XD

Red Girl Windy Hair Facial expression Hairstyle Emotion Mouth Document

My art style is so hard to go away from. u_u its either anime or just cartoon xD

No matter how cold hearted a person may seem, always remember that they do have feelings. For...

I'm addicted to this game xD. Its fun amd can make one rage quit very quickly. :P

Anime Chibi

Random guy betting $20 that no one will care about that fire. People don't care as much anymore.

That moment your bored and you your desk and see your sunglasses...

Birds Bird Flamingo

A flamingo thats as red as blood and rare as a fictional beast. I wish i could see one look like...

Anime Chibi

People say that i am a serious, mean, quiet and boring person. My friends say i am a goofy, fun...

Its not easy to shade the water u.u wish it was xD

Last time i ever saw him. (Half asleep drawing this is not the best time x.x feels and looks rushed)

Kitten Hugs Sad

A true story: There once was a stray kitten who we started to give tuna and cat food to. He...

Bored and got nothing better to draw xD


A feather that i did not intend to draw. ... nor that heart xD because i did not know what i was...

Shoes Heels

Fun facs, men were the first people to wear heels, heels cause back problems ingrown toenails,...

"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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