The First & Last Hug

The First & Last Hug

Drawn by idk using SketchPort for Android.


A true story: There once was a stray kitten who we started to give tuna and cat food to. He finally got familiar with us. We gave him a girl name sence he responded well to it (Kittzy). My mom tried to pick him up once but he shreded her shirt and she bled, so no one did that again. I used to take naps out on the porch floor and he would sleep next to me. He once gave me a gift... a live grasshopper who jumped away once free from his mouth. But one day because of family we had to move. That day i went to give my goodbyes to Kittzy. I called out to him until he ran towards me all happy. I gave him a hug as tears fell down my face. I dared to pick him up off the ground. He let me. It felt like he knew we were leaving and i just held him until my mom said we had to go. I put him down and went inside the car.... as he jumped inside. We had to get him out and drive off as he watched us leave forever. The End.

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Kitten Hugs Sad

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