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Butterflies Flowers Colorful Conversation Finger Hand Head

I'm used to tablet so anything i draw here will be sloppy. But I missed my flowers so... Okay. So I ...

Im back Book Area Shape Line

Soon after Nightstar began her new adventures in the real world, she became unable to draw in ...

Flower Night

:3 I know it's not good, I've seen all you guys work. But I find this cute. I'm in a flower phase.

Had a good day. Current mood:flower power :)

I miss ya guys! I keep on trying to be with this awesome community! :D

jeff the killer :D fandom!!

i was looking for some creepypasta character ideas but I couldn't think of anything, opened up ...

so......... I'm kinda part of the doctor who fandom unease smile

i miss this guys! D: I can draw and do school at the same time. :'( I'm not using my Samsung for ...

So, school is coming. Hello XD im back 8) im a bit nervous since im going to a new school. Anyway ...

My god i havent posted in forever! NOTE: i like to draw ans so but i dont hsve so much time now. ...

Why im i not drawing as much!!!!!! :( i need ideas.

Where have i been?! Yay i'm back! I couldnt login because i just noticed i forgot the l in mail XD

I got pokemon black version 2 today! So happy, i thought to make rosavelt! XD have a happy new year ...

Mistletoe Christmas Emo

Merry early christmas! I cant believe im getting a 101art case! Yeeeeeee! What are you guys getting?

Snake-foul Cat-nightstar Girl-Tenaka A. Orochi

Yay! If you are a anime geek, doesnt she look like haruhi from oran hshc before she cut her hair? I ...

My bro is going to be 23 wednesday! I got him the best gift XD happy b day bro Have a happy day!

Yup, im a sonic fan 8) . She awesome! XD just kidding, i dont know.

My wolf looks like a a cat. :'( oh, well. Lets run! Thank you dragoart ;) click it. XD

To show my classmate this is my art i'll put his name here >>> Ismael 8) live with it. XD

XD only one person that is not me knows what she saw. XD

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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