So moudly challeged me to color ALL his black and white draws....look what I diddddddddddddd C:

Challenge Christmas Pattern I'm sorry

Ever wonder what is the true meaning of Christmas? Some people might try and feed you some lies ...

Last of the mouldy draws I need to color. Mission Accomplished.

another mouldy drawing I colored. Now I have something to submit to papachan's contest! lol

I colored Mouldy's drawing plus I have a drawing for the torture Mouldy Sponge challenge. Enjoy you ...

lol xD thats all i gotta say. Mouldy Sponge's drawing

the "low alpha glitch" makes me sad lol. I had to use a bunch of layers to do this, and it is no ...

Mouldy Drawing, I colored it with a bunch of dots :3 xD

I don't...even know xD don't ask me what this is, I will have no answer for you lol. mouldy drawing

I know I know, that one is bad xD and why does a billy goat have udders O,o Mouldy draw

I had noooo idea what to do with this one so I just experimented with some colors lol. Mouldy ...

mouldy drawing and i colored

Tower Landscape Collab

I simply added color to the color allergic Mouldy Sponnge's drawing with you can see here Hope you ...

"Good judgement seeks balance and progress. Lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration."
President Eisenhower
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