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Sketch of the Day Daily Drawing Turtle Shell

Sketch of the Day 11 The daily drawing challenge is back! In today's Sketch of the Day, a turtle...

idk if i like it im kinda skeptical- test drawing ig


It's really the best thing I could ever do with this. It took only about 15min but that's...


why did i do this uf dfouddsafvvsydsfgvsf

My Little Pony

I love derpy! im a big brony! so i made this ^-^

Woman Dress Realism

That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my religion Trying to keep a view And...

Woman Tattoo Henna Ring People Portrait Realism

This redefined the meaning of FOREVER. I started it exactly 1 year back; June 2012. Funnily...

"We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident."
Carl Sagan
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