A Warmer Place

A Warmer Place

Drawn by flora-remora.


Birthday gift for a Russia role-player at school

© 2014 flora-remora. Licensed under CC-BY.

Hetalia Russia Sunflower Warm Ivan Braginski Ivan Braginski

not known tht today day of name Ivan : )) Nice look likes. Russians ll like it : ))) Росія велика і сильна ! : ) —  Vomika
again want notice that very nice look likes , congrts you , wish to you good luck in everything N wishing happy life. —  Vomika
i see its аnime haha... okay well anyway nice and positive hmm , i mark it +1300 i really like it. Luck! —  Vomika
Truly the face of evil. Only people who watch aph will get this. =.=, cool draw bro —  MUMON
waaaahhh i really reallyyy think the face came out well on this, it looks sweeeet and sincere c: your best yet :D —  RES
"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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