1. What is the Hero Riding?

1. What is the Hero Riding?

Drawn by Chris for the 1. Give the Hero a cool new ride! challenge. Part of the album Sketch of the Day.


Welcome to SketchPort's "Sketch of the Day!"

Each day, members are invited to participate in drawing the latest 'Sketch of the Day'. Skill level isn't important, you don't need to be a Picasso or drawing Savant. Deep down we are all creative, and sometimes we just need a creative outlet and push in the right direction. The 'Sketch of the Day' gives you just that. An opportunity to give yourself your daily dose of creative expression.

We realize that often the hardest part of drawing is how to begin. Therefore, each drawing challenge has a fun template to give you a starting point for your drawings. However, if you are feeling ambitious and want to go beyond the template, you're welcome to start from scratch and go after the challenge with gusto!

Marking the first 'Sketch of the Day', you're invited to give this knight a cool new ride! Click here to begin: http://www.sketchport.com/draw?source=4648783992324096

© 2014 Chris. Licensed under CC-BY.

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What a wonderful challenge and a playful template to start with :) —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
@Agent Bunny Boy Thanks Bunny. :3 —  Chris
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