Drawn by Buriburi.


When I was younger, (11 years old I think) I was crazy over Zoids. Heck, I'd wake up early in the freaking morning to watch that show before uh, Hamtaro or whatever that fat thing was I mean wtf... came on or something. Then I'd come home, watch more Zoids on Toonami on Cartoon Network. (Y'hear that? CARTOON NETWORK, NOT CN PFFT) I liked collecting those model kits... I had a Blade Liger, Command Wolf and a Liger Zero that had a motor in it....until they were accidentally thrown out. =_= Anyway, I liked Zeke the Organoid. He was pretty neat. Who didn't like small, metallic T-Rex..things..? I know this sketch ain't particularly spot on, but I guess that means I need to watch Zoids again for old time's sake.

© 2014 Buriburi. Licensed under CC-BY.


I am going to use this sketch as a reason to watch Zoids again too. <3 —  OfC
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