Kanani's birthday

Kanani's birthday

Drawn by Buriburi for the Kanani's birthday challenge. Part of the album Woof.


I always go by that "Is a Supah Hawaiian!" on your page, and since I had no clue what to draw for you, I was reminded of those pretty Hawaiian dolls I would see on dashboards D: I know you're Hawaiian, and you're really pretty, so I used it as a representation of yourself. I can't say I'm a male or a bulldog though, so he's not an accurate rep of myself, but close enough??? XD;;

I tried ;_; I hope you like this sketch ffffghfdjk Happy Birthday Kananiiiii

© 2014 Buriburi. Licensed under CC-BY.

Pretty lady kanani

Дуже красиво. Поздоровляю! —  Vomika
'Dawwwww :3 —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
Awesome :) —  Ray Mortamour
I wanna stick a candle in that cupcake! omg! —  Gibbermagash
Very nice! —  Rebeccajj
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