Pysanka ''Peace and War'' ( Ukrainian Easter egg )

Pysanka ''Peace and War'' ( Ukrainian Easter egg )

Drawn by Vomika. Part of the album Lakierski Materialski.


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Peace and War hmm orange color because world not deviding on black and white , as was said in one old soviet nice film : so urs guys are all in ''white'' and we are all in ''black'' ? but and when someone saying that nobody is perfect i think not need so say , humans do mistakes from ''young hot blood'' we need mistakes , only on them and for sad only on themself as rule we really teaching... About drinking and smoking ... who trying them even once ! do mistakes even maybe he she nobody hurt but hurting themself health , need to be honestly before themself. hmm young human do something crazy (do mistake) coz thinking if nothing did then it will be very boring and nothing then remind on old ages not devide with close ppl , friends... old human thinking (not saying) that yes... youngs they are fools... and... life will fix them... hmm there general is listening themself heart and mind , trying see other opinions but at first put what in end will say urself mind, never copying other saying , need say what u thinking. Old humans less talk , coz when u already started speak u already did mistake , not matter u said something not need , funny or u just opened something about urself at first thinking then say. Even if do like it you will be realy one of borest young humans ; ) so and younger ppl teens do many mistakes. If Young human could to know ... if Old human could to be again younger.... one of General what need teach in life it need teaching how to love and teaching to gifting ur love other... General not only words even good word , support , just speaking between father and child will make child better and those kid will growe up more happy and happy ppl do less mistakes , less hurting other , more trying devide themself love with other. Good job from heart its such job in which any useful for themself. Such job it and helping old ppl i alot liked to did it when i had study in school times , i heard their problems and could got ''food'' for thinking. And at last , returning to phrase that general teaching is teaching how need love what u already have , how need apperciate love which u getting from other parents friends other good ppl and how to give them back same love. If anybody remember in old times was one clever thinger Solomon , so in one his parable he wrote about two women which argued about one son , they both told that this son is their child. So they came to Solomon that he decided their argue. Solomon said now i will call butcher and he will devide... then one women fast said it her son please just let her take him only not kill him... it and was his real mother. It meaning that if u really love u will do anything for this human , i not only about love between guy and girl , i about love in while.

© 2013 Vomika. All rights reserved.


I like your imagination and the texts (: —  xLitchi
@xLitchi thank You xLitchi (and i decided wrote some more look again) , i wish it will help in anything everyone and i like thinking , sorry from low k-ge of english... hope all will got it! —  Vomika
Yes don't worry we do understand it :). And it's nice to love to help —  xLitchi
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