Amure [Mainly for PFQ Use]

Amure [Mainly for PFQ Use]

Drawn by Amure using SketchPort for Android.


Some drawing of Amure/me mainly for my use on PFQ. Has probably very noticeable colouring errors at some parts of outline (blue on wing, for example) but since this is mainly just being stuck on a banner, who really cares. Still bad at this.

© 2015 Amure. Licensed under CC-BY.

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That Pokemone has a stinger like a scorpion, a wing like a dragon, horns like a bull, face like a rat, paws like a wolf and mane like a lion?? what a Pokemone. —  Liar
@Liar - Actually, this is based off a splice I did a while ago. It's a mixture of Luxray ("face like a rat" and "mane like a lion"), Smeargle ("stinger like a scorpion" is actually a painbrush), Dragonite ("wing like a dragon") and Houndoom ("horns like a bull" and "paws like a wolf"). But what you described there would make a freaking epic Pokémon in my opinion. —  Amure
how do you draw so well!!!! —  REBECCA OBERMILLER
how do you draw so well!!!! —  REBECCA OBERMILLER
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