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Mouse doodle cause I am tabletless.

Collab with the greatest of the sponges - the Mouldy Sponge. He made that incredible pattern on...


Getting warmed up. Quikish portrait practice without a sketch.

Male Anatomy Muscles

I know the anatomy is slightly messed up but oh well. Was fun doing this on broadcast with...

Quick vector doodle. Came up with the idea on DMT.

Drawn during the SP game. I am starting to realize how awesome the fill tool can be...

Just working on some character designs for work.

Made for a friend. I went through Azzah's works and tried to copy her way of doing hair. I'm...

Devil Hobo Puppets

Hobo always has the strings. Also, DO NOT ask me about the fingers.

Quick Sketchport Vector draw.

Female People Portrait Realism

I took ArtisticOTAKU's draw http://www.sketchport.com/drawing/3369241/short-gray and added some colour.

Woman Tattoo Henna Ring People Portrait Realism

This redefined the meaning of FOREVER. I started it exactly 1 year back; June 2012. Funnily...

Censored coz Hobo wanted this draw for classified and possibly dirty reasons. Made back in the...

It's official. I only see boobs. =.=

"For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness."
Carl Sagan
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