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/squints/ if this is who i think it is then i think i see my favorite bowl of noodles!! ////~//// —  suarung
well i would have found you a lot faster but im watching vids. HOW ARE YOU —  Hira
!! leek! (its shad/switzy however you remember me ehehe,,) long time no speak! —  Vergil
YEAAA THATS HELLA. I'm glad you like this place though omg. Happy to have you here! —  Hira
yeah, i tried it out a little. the controls are a bit difficult, but it's a great site! (man i wish i had a tablet ;m;) but yep, i'm doing good!! how've you been, aside from laying low? eve —  Vergil
ahhh yeah tumblrs great thats where ive been hanging around too hehe —  Vergil
Lmao yeah it didn't. I personally haven't thought about that though . . . a lot of places I go don't have one so its nothing that crosses my mind lol —  Hira
Somen hehee ///U/// ohh are you going by Somen this time? —  suarung
Aww I liked being the only one to call you Somen (selfish) but yayy such a cute new name! TqT —  suarung
Hey Leek, your drawings should be in your drafts now! —  magicalhobo
Somen you are the sweetest darling... (smoochies) TqT —  suarung
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"Cherish the certainty of now, it kills you a bit at a time."
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