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I'm Inspired with a button on PlayStation Stick YAY !


I make itu with a 4 triangle with a many colors (not all) and box in center with purple and you...

Vote Up

Hmm... I want to vote up something drawing, for good YEY ! Actually I see a fire is bad.. but...

No idea To drawing

This is first I used SketchPort on March and.. I don't have idea, to drawing on this March..Hmm..

YouTube Logo Red Tube Play

I just make a logo YouTube, yeahh.. YouTube !

JKT48 Red Joyful Kawai Try to be the best

This is a logo JKT48 ! yay, I like JKT48, Joyful, Kawai, Try to be The Best !

Spider Spyder Fancy Fancy spider Ipong Make Huhu Sketch

Thats it "Fancy Spyder" I make that but half Ipong make.. huhu.. I forget give a color to the spyder..

Ipong Name Blue Bird Cloud More Iseng Fad

Ipong is my friend name, umm... I just make fad.. haha...

View Road Field Mountain Sun 5KM to back Forget Green Home

I draw, at the Road, having home in there, field, sun, and 5 KM to go back, bwlah.. I forget to...


Hi ! I'm by Indonesia, This is my first sketch and, I know this bad, but I wan't try to make a...

"If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
Carl Sagan
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