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Tree Leaf Branch Darkness Plant Organism Computer wallpaper

Undergo the formation of pus; fester. I hope my lack of effort isn't showing too much lol

Tree Font Branch Leaf Flower Line Pattern Silhouette

So I asked for 5 colors, Gibberz gave them to me, and I attempted to make a drawing using only ...

Sky Pink Color Afterglow Blue Purple Cloud Dawn Horizon

Based on a really awesome sunrise I saw one morning. It was so bright my living room looked pink. ...

Branch Tree Twig Flower Cut flowers Blossom Natural material

Mortifera Violacea Uneeca (Widow's Remedy) can only be found in the Amethyst Rain Forest in ...

Sea Weather Atmospheric phenomenon Shore Wind wave Iceberg Ice Coast Spring

I scribbled on a drawing by riff. It is almost 7am and I am sure I'll hate this after I wake up ...

Amusement ride Pc game Games Amusement park

The uneek bird with laser lies is back! A collab with Liar one year in the making!!!

Color Blue Purple Light Magenta Underwater Flower Sea

Crev told me to draw a underwater landscape so I gave it a shot. Enjoy pplz

Proud Family Fan Art Nose Facial expression

The BAMF Suga Mama from The Proud Family. Man I loved that show, still do lol.

Landscape Sketchy Mountains

I figured I'd actually do a sketch on SketchPort for once lol I had this song on repeat while ...

Landscape Water Sunset Moutains

No blur? No alpha?? No layers??? Who am I?!?! This can't be a uneek drawing...but it is :o I ...

Purple Yellow Dots Tree Willow

The colors purple and yellow were mentioned on chat and all these yellow and purple dots are the ...

Landscape Silhouette Clouds Water Sunset

My first drawing of the New Year. I am finally say I did one productive thing this year! lol ...

Clouds Sky

My last drawing for the year! Based on a photo taken by nikko. see it here!

"We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident."
Carl Sagan
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