Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There

Drawn by uneekL4evr and inspired by Erin Hanson. Part of the album uneek's landscapes.


No blur? No alpha?? No layers??? Who am I?!?! This can't be a uneek drawing...but it is :o

I realized after I posted this that the title is a name of a song

© 2016 uneekL4evr. All rights reserved.

Landscape Water Sunset Moutains

Yay @Riffschievous I guessed it was a sucess, I wanted it to look like it was painted with a palette knife —  uneekL4evr
@Nikko @Ichiban Yada @Liar @Morbid Mumbles thank you so much :3 —  uneekL4evr
Wowww! <3 —  Luna Sea
very pretty :) —  LittleFawn
dislike, no blur —  BEECH247
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