Purple Forest

Purple Forest

Drawn by uneekL4evr. Part of the album uneek's landscapes.


Hey Midnight Stories! I finally drew that photo of yours! I changed a few things due to laziness but I hope you like it! :3

See my inspiration here!

© 2015 uneekL4evr. Licensed under CC-BY.

Purple Landscape Forest

oOo —  Riff
Wow! —  Luna Sea
It's so pretty! <3 —  Anonymous
@Rebeccarawrr @Nikko @Ichiban Yada @Kube @Liar @*Riff is @Luna Sea @Midnightstories Thank you all :3 —  uneekL4evr
Holy hell this is beautiful! You've gotten SO GOOD Uneek! <3 —  Jini
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