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Doodle Blue Nameless

I am not exactly sure who he is. Give him a name if you so desire! :D

I added gems to her shoes. They show up on the left side for the left shoe and the right side for ...

Potential fan oc design Also hello, everyone! I am back from the dead.

I need to practice anatomy. Oh, and stop procrastinating

Poses directly from RandomPose the app.

Character Oc Sketch

Check out how smooth the face is compared to the rest of him. Like always, I take great care to ...

Errors: - tattoos are on SHOULDER BLADES, not collar bones. Julia, you idiot.


I title this courage because I had the courage to try some more complicated posing (for me). I am ...

Experimenting different styles for a school project. I have to draw 4 pics of Jesus.

Sketch Doodle OC

The child he is holding is his adopted son, Milo. I would totally draw Milo in full, but I tried ...

Aromatisse Pokemon OC

I absolutely love coloring and will spend hours on it. I need to stop now so I get some more ...

My unoriginal Aromatisse OC makes an appearance

Pokemon Pikachu Kangaskhan Shiny Sketch Doodle

Miss V or Missy (Victoria) the Pikachu was Merci's first Pokémon. Her father caught her this ...


I tried to make it look more like that sketch I did a while ago. I am done for now. I need to do my ...


I am in a tizzy about how scarring works, so I decided to change things up to make things seem a ...

Pink Valentine

A cutesy background for my Spanish class' extra credit. We wrote love "poems" in Spanish, and for a ...

Pokemon Furret Sketch Doodle

I've been drawing Jacques lately, and then tagging him with "Pokémon" when no one can really tell ...

Sketch Lineart OC Pokemon

I may add to this later. For now, it's a concept sketch.

Pokemon OC Original Character Testrun

I was frustrated with Sketchport's foreign canvas controls, so I had not posted any experiment ...

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