a unique sonic character.png

a unique sonic character.png

Drawn by michiru for the Unique Sonic Character! challenge. Part of the album obsolete.


the sassy little missy aka pepper the dog

yea that's my sonic character for you

please do not ask me what breed she is because i have no idea

© 2014 michiru. Licensed under CC-BY.

OC Sonic the Hedgehog

Do have any idea how much this This means to me. :'D think you so much for entering Crashman lovely character. :D <3 I'm so going to draw her she's perfect. :') —  Kiikii
@Kiikii aww man thanks; :' ) —  michiru
awwhhh your anatomy is so coool c: awesomee jobb —  RES
I'm so sorry but this is fabulous Miss. Pepper your just so fabulous look at her I just want to dress you on a little cute dress that's beautiful! :'D —  Kiikii
I love her design and how her proportions are more similar to an actual Sonic character than most Sonic characters I've seen. Lovely job :D —  flora-remora
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