Go where no Cake has gone before

Go where no Cake has gone before

Drawn by Chris for the 2. Decorate the Cake! challenge.


The cake my sister baked embarking on its maiden voyage into the cosmos.

Sketch of the Day 2.

© 2014 Chris. Licensed under CC-BY.

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@Ichiro Lick your screen (plate) when you're done with it. ;) —  Chris
The cake is a lie! —  Ruth Lesslie
We should re-route it so every one sketchport gets a piece :) <3 —  OfC
@Ruth Lesslie Shhhh, that's blasphemy! The Cake might hear you. o_O —  Chris
@OfC Due to budget cuts, only one slice can travel. The rest will stay with moi. >:) —  Chris
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